AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD Architecture® is a sophisticated drafting tool meant for creating architectural models. With its tools focused specifically on architecture, architects and designers can quickly draw exactly what they envision. Documents and presentations can easily be created from a complete architectural model, and then shared in a number of ways with collaborators and clients.

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  • Introducing AutoCAD Architecture
  • Quick Start
  • Productivity Tools
  • Finding and Using Content
  • Using the Conceptual Design Tools
  • Creating Building Interiors with Basic Components
  • Introduction to Building Interior Boundary Components
  • Structural Components
  • Building Exterior Components
  • Understanding Building Components
  • Adding Components
  • Working with Sections and Elevations
  • Annotating Drawings
  • Detailing
  • Understanding the Display System
  • Using AutoCAD Architecture Layer Tools
  • Using Layout Design Objects
  • Organizing Projects with the Drawing Management System
  • Publishing from the Project Navigator
  • Creating Custom Styles and Components
  • Graphic Presentation and Visualization
  • Working with Others
  • Troubleshooting